Worldpay My Business Hub Tutorials

April and May was a time when Key Productions turned to JSCGI to create a series of tutorials on how to use Worldpay’s My Business Hub. These short films had to have all the information needed to get the most out of the all-in-one, tablet-based till and payment system. Worldpay supplied JSCGI with stills and video of the app in use which we could re-animate to fit the script. This was then composited into the 3D model of the My Business Hub. Back to 2016 Projects

The Glenmorangie Show

In early May, JSCGI was working with Madwomen to produce some elements for a film they were producing for Glenmorangie. The brief was to have a Glenmorangie talk show, using some stock shots of audiences we tracked and replaced the current signage with branded Glenmorangie Show signs. As well as creating a talk show style opening sequence. Back to 2016 Projects

NATS Future Airspace Strategy

End of April was time to create some more NATS animations. Working with Hotheads to create a film for NATS and the Future Air Strategy. This film was following the existing style we had already created for NATS but this time we needed to show how the beacon based navigation was inefficient and also causes unnecessary noise compared to the proposed Satellite Based Navigation. Back to 2016 Projects

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