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Miley Cyrus Gypsy Heart Tour

Just before the summer break I was asked by events producer Tom Woodcraft to create some backdrop visuals for lighting designer Sean Burke to use in his production for Miley Cyrus' Gypsy Heart Tour of South America and Australia. Sean and Tom created a set of mood boards for each song and handed them out to different designers to bring to life. I created backdrops for "Who Owns My Heart" and "7 Things" and jointly produced the backdrop for "Robot" with Jon Toogood. The initial design was for a diamond shape LED wall with some strategic panels missing but due to some of the countries that the tour would visit and availability of LED in these regions it was decided to keep the format to 1080p. This made the media adaptable to almost every scenario and can be used for festivals. The end result was a very happy client and "Who Owns My Heart" was the finale song in the encore.

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