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Evening Standard Theatre Awards 2012

On Sunday 25th November the best of British Theatre turned up at the Savoy for the 58th Evening Standard Theatre Awards. Digital Theatre asked JSCGI to create animated sequences for the nominations and winners at this glamorous event to raise the standard on previous years presentations. Working closely with Digital Theatre and Burberry, the awards major sponsor, we created thirteen category sequences as well as two stings. The categories consisted of eight standard awards and five specials, the standard awards followed the traditional “the nominations are” followed by “and the winner is”. While the Special awards were a montage of vox pops and footage about the special award winner.

As well as the pre production elements for the event, which were prepared for play out via playback pro, JSCGI was present on site to composite some footage of the special award winners arrival into the second sting to be played at the end of the event.

Once this was complete we worked through the night to edit a film which went live the following morning on The Evening Standards YouTube channel.

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