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Adidas Lab – Victoria House, London

In April, Kin Design asked JSCGI to come in and help with the Adidas Lab, an experiential project to be held at Victoria House in London. The event was timed to coincide with the Champions League final and Adidas were showcasing some of their latest technology. The brief for us was to design backdrops to two elements of the event.

The first being “The Track” where we used the alcoves to house 4 projectors, these were then rear projected onto screens which ran alongside a 60 metre astroturf track. The first screen displayed the participants name when they checked in using their RFID bracelet. The other 3 screens were a backdrop to their run. Looping animations were created at a resolution of 6588×1080 and then restitched together at a resolution of 5760×1080 to take out the space between the screens. These were then used as backgrounds for realtime processing which was captured from three Xbox Kinects and tracked the participants movements.

The second element was the “Smart Ball Wall” which was used to demonstrate Adidas’ new Smart Ball. The Adidas Smart Ball is a football that has tech inside so it can pair with an iPhone to give the player realtime feedback of how they are striking the ball. We created a backdrop for the players to kick the ball at. Having several animations to cover various points of impact, the animation was designed to give a sense of depth for the players to aim into.

With Will Case as Creative Director and Kate Dawkins as Art Director it was great to be back with some of the guys that were working on the Olympic Ceremonies. As well as working alongside producer Julien Buckley and animator Andrew Bayliss and a small development team. Check out Juliens blog for more details, images and videos of the event.

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