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Nike Football LVL UP DXB Teaser

At the beginning of May, Dingo Bill were on location in Dubai filming a teaser for the up and coming event Nike Football LVL UP DXB Own The Tower.

The premise is that teams of 4 players take part in a tournament that is based within a tower in Dubai. Each of the three levels take place on different surfaces and different Nike footwear. The film was shot and edited on location but required some 20 shots to have effects and with a turn around of only 4 days we needed to put together a strong team. Jem Marryat, Mark Lindner and Jon Toogood all stepped up to take on the challenge. The effects included comping in 3D balls, adding Own the Tower logos to balls, adding splashes to a pool, removing railings and amending the Dubai skyline.

Here is the final cut.

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