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Network Rail Life Saving Rules

In December 2013 JSCGI started on six films for Network Rails new Life Saving Rules campaign. The Edge Picture Company asked JSCGI to work alongside Martin Workman in creating the films. Their approach needed to be different from what Network Rail had previously produced. The films were to be a mix of CGI and strong script to show the results of not following the safety rules. While the scripts were being produced, a style was created between JSCGI and Martin which was then approved by The Edge. Once we had approval we began to animate the 3D model of the human anatomy. Each of the films had several passes rendered of the anatomy to allow greater control in the compositing stage. Once the films were complete the Edge went on to produce stills from the animation and Network Rail were so pleased they created their own “making of” film to show their staff the process of how the films were made.

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