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JTI 2014

March and April was a time to get stuck into a large screen job for MCL Create. Working with Justine Catterall the brief was to create a seamless piece of animation that paused to allow for keynote presentations. The three day event was to take place in Emirates Palace, Abu Dhabi to host 300 senior JTI managers from across the globe. JSCGI delivered over 30 minutes of animation at a resolution of 7200×1200 at 50fps which was all played out via watchout through spyder.

The theme for the event was competitive sailing and the design elements we had to work with were wakes created from the yachts. 36 animations which all linked together were created, including the opening sequence with stunning 4k footage shot by Richard Symonds, some filmed from his quadcopter. Also on hand was Rob Ellender to help produce some of the films that were shown during the presentations. Once we had the animations approved we rendered out layered files of the final frames to hand over to graphics guys Adam Dadswell, John Humphrey and Andy Niemann for them to create the keynote presentations.

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