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In October, Lucky Frog were in touch with JSCGI to help out on some tracks for the upcoming Simply Red Stars 25th Anniversary tour. In all we created 5 backdrops for the songs The Air That I Breathe, How Could I Fall, Ain't That A Lot Of Love, For Your Babies and If You Don't Know Me By Now. The first of these songs which is not from the Stars album was projected onto a gauze screen, while the rest were all shown on 6 square LED screens that could be moved vertically up and down.

The Air That I Breathe was based on the 70s and space travel using footage from the era and placing it in 70s style patterns.

How Could I Fall was based on a geometric pattern that then was reflected on the models sunglasses who was slowly rotating, each version was looking slightly closer to the camera.

For Ain't That A Lot Of Love we produced a number of loops based on some bright patterns for the chorus and then some elements of nature for the verses.

For Your Babies was a slower treatment, combining beautiful skies and sunsets with light leaks.

For the final track, If You Don't Know Me By Now we used keyed footage of the band and a model we filmed and composited into their silhouette some ink chamber and stock footage and stills.

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