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The Fashion Awards 2016

Back in July, JSCGI was asked to consider putting together a team to create all the award imagery for this year’s Fashion Awards at The Royal Albert Hall. Working for INCA and Justine Catterall we started to carefully consider the right mix of talent we might need. With a Team of five selected for their individual talents, we got to work in October with Creative Direction from Patrick Kinmonth and Antonio Monfreda, two amazing designers who have teamed up to create The Visual Clinic. With their direction, we created 15 animated pieces which used a combination of 4K projection and LED, including a 3-minute film to celebrate 100 Years of Fashion Through the Eyes of Vogue. The night was a huge success with one Instagram user describing it as “A fantastic showcase of #creativity”. The Fashion Awards films show some of our content on the 11-meter high LED and projection screens.

These pictures give a great overview of the event on the night taken from the Gallery.

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