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Anna Valley’s “Reality Hack” 2020 Inspiration Showcase

Anna Valley was in touch again for their 2020 Showcase. This time Dan Orchard and the rest of the Anna Valley family had thought of the concept of a reality hack. Based on this they covered the inside of their reception windows with LED and then built a frame around them, also in the courtyard putting outdoor LED up against the existing windows. Anna Valley then filmed the view from inside and JSCGI set about creating an alternate reality which would be triggered with RFID cards. Also in the reception was two 2-way mirrors with large LED screens behind, tapping these revealed an eerie film to play.

The rest of the tour was in the warehouse and included an huge 26x6m curved LED wall showing a 3D underwater scene and a full LED cube room which we turned into a lift, starting with footage that Anna Valley shot on their 360 Nokia OZO before rocketing into space. Anna Valley was also showcasing VR and Virtual Studio setups.

Checkout the Anna Valley article on the 2020 Showcase

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