What our clients say

“goes above and beyond”

Jamie consistently delivers stellar work in the world of Video and Motion Graphics design. Beyond his professional prowess, he is a pleasure to work with— a brilliant individual who goes above and beyond to accommodate our needs and those of our clients. It is a privilege to collaborate with Jamie, and I wholeheartedly endorse him for any future projects

The Team
Black Skull Creative

“solid experience and understanding of live events”

I’ve had the pleasure of working with Jamie for over 20 years on a variety of projects and each time the work he produces is of the highest quality in terms of creative design, technical execution, and final delivery. He has solid experience and understanding of live events that compliments his work, and will always go the extra mile. Highly recommended for any CGI work of any scale or budget

Tom Shaw
Shorty Productions

“sublime creativity with frightening technical knowhow”

It's always a pleasure to work with Jamie. One of a rare breed who can combine sublime creativity with frightening technical knowhow. Apart from his capabilities, Jamie has a great sense of humour ( well, he always laughs when I turn up!! ) which makes him a complete 'must hire'

Sean McGrath
Live Events Producer/Director

“Whenever we hear a client mention JSCGI we breathe a big sigh of relief”

Jamie and his team have an in depth understanding of not only their own workflow, but our workflow as well, which makes specfictation, content handovers and last-minute changes seamless. Everything is always exactly as specified and delivered on time, this not only makes our operators happy, but also our clients as we can reduce pre-production time as we won’t need to fix any mistakes.  Whenever we hear a client mention JSCGI we breathe a big sigh of relief. JSCGI have become our go to for all of our own work as well as our top recommendation to clients, we couldn’t have delivered any of our company showcases without them

George Easey
Operations Director at Anna Valley

“a wealth of experience across the board that always helps elevate our work”

It’s always a pleasure getting work with Jamie and his team.
Super flexible and with a wealth of experience across the board that always helps elevate our work.
Jamie’s reliability and collaborative attitude sees me calling him time and again for projects of varying sizes, spanning from conceptualisation and shorter form editorial work all the way up to VFX and large multiformat asset delivery.
Excited to see what we can deliver together over the next few years

Luke Hughes
Head of Content at Lively Agency

invaluable to several projects

Jamie and the team have been invaluable to several projects we’ve worked on.  They deliver work of a high standard, are always professional and all with a smile.

Rachel Capell
Director at Lemon Lane