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BBC Worldwide Showcase

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JSCGI was contacted by Black Skull Creative who were looking for a team to create their theatrical vision for BBC Worldwide's showcase. The event held annually enables the BBC to showcase their amazing lineup of programmes to broadcasters around the world. Black Skull designed a 20 minute piece of theatre that was to combine performers with action from BBC shows as well as new elements created by us. Justine Catterall was on hand to help Black Skull produce the content and after several meetings we could start work. The set was a 30m by 9m projection surface with some apertures to allow the performers and stunt men to interact with. As well as an LED screen arranged as a cylindrical hood we also had 6 PufferSpheres to work on. With a team of 7 designers, 4 of which located to Liverpool for a week, we developed fantastic concepts and final pieces. Our NDA prohibits showing the content but here are some images courtesy of Peter Harding from Hawthorns, the event technical supplier.

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