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London 2012 Olympic Ceremonies
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Tour de France Opening Ceremony

Motion Graphics
2D & 3D Animation

Working with Software Producer Adam Dadswell and Creative Director Martin Green for the Team Presentation of the Tour de France. Leeds based film house Sodium would be handling the shooting and editing of the vox pops and live action sections which left the team intros and stings to JSCGI.

Ala Lloyd had designed an amazing stage incorporating a 32×9 meter screen which had 2 curved rows of MiStrip LEDs running along the length underneath. The challenge was to incorporate the MiStrips with the main screen. Due to the fact that the two rows of MiStrips were approximately 3 meters down stage from each other we couldn’t run one set of visuals on both as our tests at CT London proved there were some severe parallaxing issues. Our approach was to produce two layered visuals for the MiStrips and use the z depth in the animations to render out foreground and background sequences. These matched up fantastically on site. During production a simple previs was used to show the interaction between the MiStrips and main screen.

The show was broadcast live on ITV4 and was applauded in the press after the event.

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